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Quaalude Lullabies Vinyl LP

Quaalude Lullabies Vinyl LP

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Side A

  1. The Devil, The Dealer, & Me
  2. Fall Apart
  3. Yellow Mama
  4. Felt The Same

Side B

  1. Kitchen Table Poet
  2. Heartache For Hire
  3. Sweet Maria
  4. Over The Line
  5. Back On The Pills

“When I sat down to write this project, I tried to present each topic as a straight-forward Saturday morning kitchen conversation. That’s how I approach songwriting and it’s worked for me for a long time” says Chris Canterbury, a Louisiana native singer-songwriter, now based in Nashville.

The project Canterbury is talking about is Quaalude Lullabies, a nine track collection of mostly sad songs that offers on-the-nose lyrical phrasing, subtlety loose production, and a honest insight into razor-edge topics like addiction, depression, and loneliness.

In what started as a thought experiment, Quaalude Lullabies was self-produced by Canterbury, his first opportunity to be on both sides of the control room window. “I wanted to woodshop a record together that felt like Nebraska,” says Canterbury. “I wanted it to be loose like a box of bedroom demo tapes, but cohesive enough to stand on its own. I feel like we ended up with a solid album.”

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